The adjustable bowsprit.

From Trogear comes a remarkable solution for sailors who wish to safely and efficiently fly both asymmetrical and Code-0/gennaker type sails. The Trogear bowsprit comes in four sizes, the AS-30, AS-30R, AS-40 and AS-50. 

Solid, Triangular Design: The bowsprit geometry was carefully selected to provide the most direct transfer of forces generated by the sails to the hull of your boat, and allows an upright resting position to easily and safely attach/detach sails and furlers. With an adjustable bobstay sail luff tension can be tweaked from the cockpit giving ultimate control when ocean sailing or rounding a race mark.

Elegant and Durable:  The focus was on creating a light and strong bowsprit that is attractive and easy to use.

Material: Made from 100% carbon fibre, parts are bonded using a high strength structural epoxy adhesive and are professionally coated with an automotive grade, UV resistant clear polyurethane. There are no carbon fibre to metal bonds which have a high probability of failure over time.

Easy Installation: The Trogear bowsprit is designed to be mounted below the deck line either through hull or with side mounts, keeping your deck clear of obstructions. In the event this installation method is not suitable for your particular sailboat, it can easily be deck mounted with dedicated mounting brackets.

  • Available in four sizes for day sailors to ocean cruisers and racers.
  • For monohulls and multihulls.
  • Choice of installation methods and easily removed if required.
  • Structural strength validated by an independent engineering company.
  • Stow upright against pulpit means no extra dock fees!
  • Trogear provides a three year warranty.




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The Trogear AS-30

$1,150.00 / unit(s)
Not in stock

The Trogear AS-30R

$1,950.00 / unit(s)
In stock
Delivery period: 7 working days

The Trogear AS-40

$2,850.00 / unit(s)
In stock
Delivery period: 7 working days

The Trogear AS-50

$3,400.00 / unit(s)
Not in stock